A-WOW believes young women should have a platform, which allows them to express themselves and connect across cultures globally creating a broader-spectrum of roles and opportunities, which they can assume as global change agents.

The Project

Empower Leadership is a project specifically designed for the benefit of young women and girls in Costa Rica, Trinidad and Tobago, India, Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, and the United States participating with the AWOW Education & Social Enterprise Initiative (AESE). AESE provide solar kits to help create social enterprise among various communities of young women. Young women working with this project are identified based on their leadership potential and ability to guide and train other young women in a business empowerment model that will teach sustainable economic principles for women.

About A-WOW

The A-WOW International Girls Leadership Initiative (AWOW) is a program with the mission to improve the lives of young women through enhancing their knowledge, skills, and interest by providing for them a global platform, which fosters leadership development, innovative learning, and facilitate a cross-cultural exchange of ideas. The Staff and volunteers, who provide a range of services, including mentoring, coaching, leadership development, and social and economic programs, helps achieve this mission.

    Under this project, marginalized, backward classes as well as tribal young women from various communities are skilled in social enterprise.
    The training imparted by A-WOW trainers focuses on Strategic Marketing Plan, Financial Capital, and Developing Co-ops. Presently efforts are on an experimental basis to train a set of young women from various villages where AWOW operates its programs.
    Skilled and trained young women focus on process and implementation phases to provide electricity and lighting for students to be able to study:

  • 1.

    Network Study Co-op

    Provide access every 2-3 days to charging solar station for mobiles and other devices. Earn special commission for the sale of solar kits or services rendered by the co-op.

  • 2.

    Communication Co-op

    Ensure that these young women get work as well as money for their efforts without any problem and without running around in circles.

  • 3.

    Commissioner Co-op

    The funding and training required for this endeavor is provided by A-WOW International Girls Leadership.
    The revenue earned is reinvested in the project by purchasing more kits

Project Objectives

Develop a 10-day educational model in sustainable business practices that will be suitable for young women for education and training.

Receive leadership empowerment training followed by education in sustainable business practices including marketing, branding, and e-commerce strategies.

Elaborate Operational guideline based on the educational model by emerging young women leaders to train other women who work for the Co-op.

Validate the Operational guideline of training by AWOW Global Social Enterprise in leadership development to ensure realistic implementation.

Project Feedback and effectiveness

Solar Kit Co-op participants of the two-week pilot program in the village of Mollejones Turrialba, Costa Rica will survey the usefulness of the sustainable business practices for this population of women.

The training effectiveness will be reviewed after a six month implementation period and additional training will be developed if necessary. Results of this feedback will be used to further improve future trainings.


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