A-WOW Pre College Program
Communication and Writing Skills Enhancement Workshop

September 18 - 19, 2015| 1:00 - 6:00 p.m.

| Location | Richland College | 12800 Abrams Rd | Dallas, TX 75243 |

A-WOW International Girls Leadership Initiative (A-WOW IGLI) will host its Annual Pre College Program “Communication and Writing Skills Enhancement” Workshop. The ultimate pre collage program is designed to enhance and enrich participant’s communication skills and will provide a unique, writing and communication learning experience via lectures, workshops and team-building exercises.

The Pre College Program is a two-day gathering of influential experts, prominent individuals, emerging business and community leaders who will engage the youth by providing professional expertise on “College Preparedness”, “Job Readiness”, and guidance on written communication and the skills-set needed to become successful leaders in a competitive, innovative and globalizing world.

This event will promote, spotlight, and amplify the work, communication and writing skills of each participating youth and will serve as a catalyst for A-WOW IGLI to continue developing its pre college programs geared towards cultivating the next generation of innovative leaders. The opportunity will prove to be life changing and have a lasting effect. In addition, test taking tips and samples test questions can be found at the web sites of the College Board (www.collegeboard.org) and ACT (www.ACT.org).
Showcase your talent through the Spoken Word.

This is not your ordinary workshop! Come and enjoy the fun! (Some instructors may require a written pre-class assignment)


  • College Essay Writing Techniques.
  • Business Writing.
  • Cultural Influence on Writing.
  • Creative Writing.


  • To prepare participants with writing skills essential for their academic and career success.
  • To promote and spotlight the work and leadership skills of each participant.
  • To emphasize the importance of understanding basic corporate, creative and cross-cultural written communication.
  • To focus on how to develop a regular practice and effective process for writing.
  • To introduce participants to the writing workshop experience.

    The workshop includes:

  • Action labs and workbooks.
  • All material and supplies.
  • Acquiring valuable contacts to build personal and career building network.
  • Group work, peer critique, and analysis of exemplary texts.
  • Elite accountability and support system.
  • Refreshments.

A-WOW IGLI actively fosters an environment in which young ladies can discover and reveal her unique voice. Participants in A-WOW IGLI thrive as they explore the far edges of their capabilities as students, leaders, volunteers, friends and citizens in an ever-changing world. They are challenged and nurtured to become their best selves.

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For more information, please contact Carolyn Wright , A-WOW Founder at (214) 995-1927 or via email at admin@awownow.org