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A-WOW IGLI Youth Advocacy Project (YAP)

YAP participants practice and apply leadership through A-WOW’S unique form of community service, by partnering with a community organization and planning and developing a service projects that capture their own vision for positive action while supporting the mission of the organization in which they volunteer. Through the project they create Ambassadors, serve a wide range of community needs, including health, education social services and youth development. The program consist of orientation and registration, class assignments as well as group projects and networking.

Program requirements: Participant plan and develop a community youth service project, plan and implement a market strategy for the project and volunteer and perform community service and engage in youth advocacy.

A-WOW Junior Ambassadors Leadership Program (JALP)

A-WOW in partnership with various school facilitates a leadership - mentoring program for girl’s ages 13-18 years. The program is designed to assist in providing an increasing number of girls, an opportunity for education, training in leadership and personal development and to aid in empowering students at the schools and in their communities irrespective of social, religious or ethnic orientation.

Participants will learn how to collaborate, handle and understand the unique challenges and pressures faced by youth in today’s society. The program will build confidence and motivate individuals to become active leaders involved in promoting positive change. Students enrolled in the program meet once a week for a span of 5 months.

A-WOW Leadership and Development Institute (LDI)

The Institute’s program covers a two-month span and consist of eight modules specifically designed to address personal, social and professional leadership and skills development through activities such as mentoring, career planning, youth advocacy, and community projects. Selected candidates will spend time learning and developing leadership and interpersonal skills.

The program teaches for girls ages 16 - 24 and consists of action labs, coaching, peer mentoring, group projects networking and more!


A-WOW International Women's Day Conference (IWD)

Annually in celebration of International Women's Day, A-WOW hosts a two-day conference honoring women and girls through arts and cultural activities as well as offering a plethora of workshops and seminars. These programs are open to all schools, businesses, and organizations. Everyone is invited to participate.

A-WOW Young Women Leadership World Summit (AWS)

AWS has an inclusive agenda for addressing global young women's leadership. This agenda specifically includes the under representation of key goals for women to achieve gender equality and empowerment as set forth by the United States White House Council on Women and Girls and the United Nations. Industry-experts’ will facilitate a range of powerful and progressive sessions on cultural diversity and best practices for education and career opportunities.

Participants will share in exciting experiences with other young women from around the globe. Activities included: action labs, group projects and services, etiquette training, excursions, tours and more! All hosted by corporations, businesses and organizations throughout the community.


A-WOW Annual Wealth Creation Summit (AWCS)

Teen girls and young women ages 16 and older are invited to experience a day of learning opportunities to create wealth and a serve as a foundation for a prosperous future. Sessions in micro-credit / finance are taught by leading experts to instill business skills that will grow and sustain a current business or assist in the development of a business.

A-WOW Boot camp

This two-day/overnight boot camp is designed to enhance participants’ everyday life skills, their understanding of college preparedness and facilitate an informative, fun and educational experience. Participants will learn safety and self-defense; multiple survival tips for daily use around the house, on the road and while on campus; pre-college planning (things they don’t teach you in school ranging from budgeting and when your money gets tight…what to do, five-step vehicle check list, how to do laundry etc.)


A-WOW Call To Action | Film Screening and Discussion Panel (ACA)

A-WOW host a series of special screening on films relating to girls and women empowerment. In an effort to jump-start “A-WOW Call-To-Action Campaign” that seeks to empower women and girls to challenge sexual violence and domestic abuse and advocate for an eradication of gender inequalities. A-WOW host a series of special screening on films relating to girls and women empowerment.


International Girls Leadership Initiative


Transforming Leadership One Girl at A Time.