International Girls Leadership Initiative

2015 World Summit
Lectures location: Southern Methodist University (SMU)

Hyer Hall | Rm 102 | 6425 Robert S. Hyer Lane | Dallas, Texas | 75808 | Google Map | SMU Campus Map

Enriched.  Empowered.  Educated.  Young Leader.

Join A-WOW International Girls Leadership Initiative, elected and municipal officials, engaged citizens, diplomats, and business leaders in the exciting BIG-D – The City of Dallas to discuss, “Keys to unlocking the potential within”.

A-WOW GLOBAL INITIATIVE FOUNDATION (AWOW) and its partners are pursuing an eight-day, seven-night high-impact and high-level learning approach to advance the core goals and main objective of White House progress towards the attainment of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the United Nations “Women-achieve gender equality and women empowerment” for all women and girls.

From 26th July to 2nd August, a selected group of young women from around the globe, will participate in A-WOW’s Young Women Leadership World Summit.

On 26th July, 2015 the Global Summit comes to Dallas, Texas. A-WOW extends an invitation to attend to young women ages 16 thru 25 years. Apply online now !(see Quick registration at the bottom of this page) This event does have limited availability.

For more information, please contact Carolyn Wright , A-WOW Founder at (214) 995-1927 or via email at

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2015 World Summit Opening Ceremony
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Jasmine Harper, A-WOW Ambassador

Jasmine Harper is currently a Junior at Cedar Hill Collegiate High School. She will be attending Cedar Valley College in fall to finish obtaining her college credits in order to get her Associate's Degree as well. Her mission is to become an entertainer in the music industry (dancing, singing, and acting) while changing the world and making a difference in a positive way.

"My whole perception of AWOW has changed tremendously in only the first two days. It has molded me to become the leader I was destined to be. I know that making a difference in this world will be the best thing I will ever do. Little Girls have big dreams and mine will become a reality."

Jasmine Harper,
A-WOW Ambassador

Ellisa Brown, A-WOW Ambassador

Ellisa Brown was born to Natalie and Edward Brown in Plano, Texas . She currently attends Ursuline Academy of Dallas and participates in a multitude of extracurricular activities including Mock Trial, founding her school’s chapter of National English Honor Society, and being a member of the Sixth Floor Museum’s Youth Advisory Committee. Her mission is to, while spreading a message of love and understanding across the globe, heal the divide between the people and their governments, especially when those two entities should be one in the same. She plans to accomplish this by spreading knowledge through her career as an extraordinary political journalist.

" A-WOW impacted me by giving me a safe place to hone my leadership skills and strengthen my weaknesses. Due to this experience, no matter how successful I will become, I will always give back!"

Ellisa Brown,
A-WOW Ambassador

Jaiden Wright, A-WOW Ambassador

Jaiden is 17 years old and is a rising senior at Wylie High School located in her hometown, Wylie,TX. Her mission in life is to mentor make the lives of children and teens better by making sure they are in safe environments and homes; while her vision in the next 13 years is to have her own practice an start making a difference.

"A-WOW has taught me to be the best at what you do no matter what it is, nobody can do it better than you."

Jaiden Wright,
A-WOW Ambassador

Da'Vyne Moncure, A-WOW Ambassador

Da’Vyne Moncure is a student from Belleville, Illinois and currently studies at Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa on a Pre-Integrative medicine track, focusing on ayurvedic medicine. Her plan for the future is to earn her naturopathic doctorate and open her own practice in the United States. She also plans to travel abroad to various countries to heal others in need of her service. Da’Vyne’s mission is to help people live from a space of ultimate truth and authenticity on a mental, physical, and spiritual level through holistic health and wellness.

“A-WOW has been an immense blessing for me. In only a week’s time A-WOW has taught me more about myself and my potential than any other self-guidance experience. This program has connected me with several young ladies whom I now consider my sisters for a lifetime, and has provided me with all the key components to be a monumental future leader in my school, career, and community.”
Da'Vyne Moncure,
A-WOW Ambassador

Laura Cruz, A-WOW Ambassador

Laura Cruz is 17 years old, she was born in Mexico but was raised and resides in Dallas, Texas. She will be a freshman in college this coming fall studying Psychology. Her mission is to help those who struggle with mental disorders and substance abuse.

"Coming to A-WOW made me realize that there are ways to deal with our emotions other than keeping it all in and lashing out in anger. As a result of spending this week at A-WOW I learned how to be happy with myself, dealing with emotions, relationships and other things that many out there don’t have much information over."

Laura Cruze,
A-WOW Ambassador

Kerrial Dopwell, A-WOW Ambassador

Kerrial Dopwell is currently pursuing an associate degree in business management at Roytec’s School of Business in Trinidad and Tobago where she currently resides. At age 20, Ms.Dopwell has a lot of passion,independence and self confidence and hopes to greatly impact others. Kerrial’s mission is to make an impact on the lives of anyone that she comes in contact with. Her dream and passion is to become a successful financial advisor and to become a phenomenal leader and help make a difference in not only her community but the entire world one step at a time.

“A-WOW has made a tremendous impact on my life because it has allowed me to become a better young woman,develop leadership qualities, self motivation, self awareness and the opportunity to get up close attention to some of the world’s most remarkable motivational speakers such as Ms. Patrice Williams, Mr.Roy Brannon and Ms.Mary Harper.”

Kerrial Dopwell,
A-WOW Ambassador

Monifa Flemming, A-WOW Ambassador

Monifa Amrita Marie Flemming, is from Princes Town, Trinidad and Tobago. She was born on November 29,1997 and recently graduated from Princes Town East Secondary School with honours in Math, Geography, Biology, Chemistry And Information Technology.
Plans to further biology, geography and environmental studies, to become a Geologist. She desires to go on to having a world wide business - helping people to change a create good and beneficial products for the earth and it's environment.
Having a children's home is her passion so that she can provide kids with an opportunity to live life to the fullest and not be neglected or rejected. Monifa desires to help them determine their identity, their purpose in life, and the road map to get there with a structured and stable mind by loving themselves. She believes that working with children will have an impact on future generations and upcoming leaders.
"A-WOW has brought me good experiences and life long friends!"

Monifa Flemming,
A-WOW Ambassador

Vernesha Griffin, A-WOW Ambassador

Vernesha Jane’ Griffin is from the USA. Her vision is to attend Cedar Valley Community College and major in music production. She wants to open a music school for individuals who want to better their arts. She will have a school opened in NYC and then travel the world. Vernesha plans to use what she has learned to help other individuals and guidance for her mission and vision. She will not be forgotten, but her actions and music will stay within you and the community.
"The affect A-wow has helped me see that I can only be me."

Vernesha Griffin,
A-WOW Ambassador

2014 Ambassadors Website
  • Carolyn Wright

    Carolyn Wright, A-WOW Inc Founder, highlights A-WOW core objectives & future goals.

  • impact life award

    Dr. Froswa’ Booker-Drew
    2015 honoree | A-WOW Impact Life Award

  • Keynote address

    Dr. Dilshad Dayani

The 2015 A-WOW 5 Years Celebration

2014 A-WOW World Summit Team

Highlight of the 2015 A-WOW World Summit

"Keys to unlocking the potential within"

Don’t miss this empowering summit filled with success strategies and leadership skills development for young women ages 16 – 25!

The Young Women Leadership Power Summit, features sessions, and unique educational opportunities. The conference is designed to help young women contribute to poverty reduction, increased entrepreneurial competencies and the development of leadership skills to positively impact growth of local, national, and global economics.

Just look at what you will learn…

  • How to increase your knowledge of skills that bolster positive self-esteem and self-awareness through seminars, lectures, action labs, and community engagement.

    How to cultivate your ability and enhance your responsibility to create change within society.
  • To collaborate with other youth organization and educator to increase your levels of awareness about career opportunities that exist.

    How to break down the barriers that separate different cultures through training focused on how the global community is connected and how we can learn from each other to solve challenges that affect us all as well as, cultivate ethical responsibility.
  • Global leadership skills and gain a greater awareness of the complex challenges of ethical and effective leadership.

    Alternative Dispute and Conflict Resolution, how to stand your ground and positively resolve conflict
  • Participant will have exposure to professional environments, successful mentors and so much more!

We work with emerging leaders to build sustainable solutions for the next generation of leaders. Our approach is to utilize a variety of educational methodologies to promote life-skills, leadership development, innovation, and entrepreneurial skills. We are committed to leadership development and enhancing cultural and socio-psychological change through the interactions between different cultures. These cultural exchanges foster and promote education, leadership, and innovation while at the same time collectively tackling issues of illiteracy, poverty and teen pregnancy among the most vulnerable populations in Ghana, Trinidad and Tobago, India, Costa Rica, Liberia, Nigeria and the United States.

This exciting summit offers a wide range of powerful and progressive sessions on best practices in cultural diversity and inclusion, coaching, mentoring, and professional development seminars conducted by experts to enhance education and career opportunities of the participants. You will gain many new ideas and action plans to boost your education, career, your self-esteem, and your life.

Our aim is to empower a generation of young women to think for themselves and embrace the world with love, dignity and respect for all humankind. Young women who attend A-WOW programs show positive and significant change in their interpersonal skills and self-development sense of self-confidence. Those associated with these young women often comment on their improved self-worth and changes in the way they deal with problems at home and at school. It is clear our programs help young woman develop competencies for making decisions, and thinking about themselves and their futures.

Our goal is to help those who attend this World Summit, become stronger leaders, and establish an enduring legacy within their community. We seek to combat illiteracy and equip young women to live effectively in a global society.

Consider this your personal invitation to The 2015 A-WOW Young Women Leadership World Summit. Take this unique opportunity and utilize the keys and tools you will gain during this eight-day conference enhance the learning you will receive. You’ll leave enthusiastic and equipped with the resources to “Unlock the greatest potential within”. Don’t miss this opportunity. A limited number of full and partial scholarships are available.

2015 World Summit Agenda

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Action Lab 1 - Facing the Future: What Humanitarian Leaders Need to Know?

This session provides an opportunity for participants and reflect on their experiences, to share insights with peers, and to discuss and debate the key issues global leaders might face. As our understanding of leadership evolves, so does the environment in which leaders operates.
This section addresses, “How can we ensure our future leaders are adequately prepared and equipped for the challenges they will face in the years to come?”

Action Lab 2: Think to Think: What Does It Take To Be An Innovative Thinker?

Most people think about what they actually see, or what they have seen before when deciding what is possible or even when creating a new idea. ‘Thinking to Think’ is about imagining the unthinkable and considering what could be possible. This type of thinking involves being innovative. It is the way leaders create value and implement new ideas. When a leader champions an innovative idea she decides who needs to be responsible and negotiates for what resources are needed to move the idea forward. Thinking to think means you are willing to become an ambassador for future ideas.
This section highlights, “How can I, as a leader, look for better ways to create good ideas that result in entrepreneurial success?”

Action Lab 3: Asset Based Community Development (ABC): What Is ABC?

Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) works from the principle that every person has capacities, abilities and gifts and that the quality of an individual life depends in part on the extent to which these capacities are used, abilities expressed and gifts given. Recognizing the assets of individuals and communities is more likely to inspire positive action for change from within than an exclusive focus on needs and problems. ABCD focuses on what is present in a community rather than what is absent and requires us to look afresh at marginalized communities and see opportunities rather than problems.
This section highlights, “How can teens and young women seen in our community positively impact our community?”

Action Lab 4: Healthy Relationship Skills and Recognizing Unhealthy Relationships

“Relationships are really what we’re all about. That’s what our lifetime is about – our relationships with ourselves, with each other, with our environment, with the world we live in… Because at the end of our life, relationships are really all we have. Participants will gain knowledge about relationship issues affecting their lives, including peer and family relationships, dating relationships, and school climate. This session will focus on healthy relationship skills and recognizing unhealthy relationships including dating violence, bullying, and cyberbullying.
This interactive session addresses the question, “What are some ways to identify and deal with unhealthy relationships?

Action Lab 5: Employment Opportunities and Valuable Employee Skills

As companies shift business models and search for new sources of revenue, many business leaders are adjusting their strategies to meeting the shifting demands of finding valuable talent that will produce superior results. Current and future employee skills are refreshing corporate strategies and focusing more on talent stewardship and targeted development.
This session addresses the question, “How to acquire valuable employee skills and gain experience to build your skill set and securing employment.

Action Lab 6: The Next Steps: Where Do We Go From Here?

The next phase for A-WOW International Girls Leadership Initiative. In this session we will discuss things we need to consider to ensure our organization’s success and sustainability.

Annually a selected group of young women are chosen…

A-WOW will select emerging young women ages 16 – 24 from around the globe who are committed to being a servant leader, in good academic standing, exhibit strong leadership skills, and interested in social, economic, political, and global issues impacting women and girls.

Early Bird Special (valued over $2,000): $590.00

(if paid in full by June 20, 2015)

Tuition - $700.00

Complete package valued over $2,000 (includes eight-days and seven-nights’ accommodations, snacks and three meals per day, in-country expenses, educational materials, in-country transportation, airport pick-up, professional full-time staff and experts, cultural activities, lectures, weekend excursions, goody bags, and pre-departure materials, limitless networking and support.)

Installments Due Dates:

Installment must be paid no later than 5:00 pm on the due date.
Installment 1 :$250 | May 30, 2015
Installment 2 :$250 | June 15, 2015
Installment 3 :$200 | June 30, 2015

Cancellation Policy

We will refund registration fees only if a written notice of cancellation received and a valid acceptance confirmation issued by A-WOW on or before midnight, June 20, 2015. In the event of a written cancellation, we will retain 30% of the registration fee to cover administrative costs. After June 20, 2015, we will not tender any refunds.


The A-WOW Young Women World Summit is not for everyone. We seek to find the right candidates that are willing and committed excellence, leadership, and being an agent of change. Participants must be prepared to participate in the program—committing the time and energy to take full advantage of the program. The Summit centers on time commitments and individual participation. Commitments involve community service, completion of daily assignments, teamwork, networking, attendance, and daily participation.

A-WOW 2015 World Summit Tuition

A-WOW 2015 World Summit

2015 World Summit Opening Ceremony
Join us on Sunday July 26 and Support A-WOW with a $25.00 Donation

Proceeds of your donation will fund A-WOW Education Projects and Programs

2015 World Summit Closing Ceremony
Join us on Sunday August 2 and Support A-WOW with a $25.00 Donation

Proceeds of your donation will fund A-WOW Education Projects and Programs