A-WOW welcomes you to its dynamic community of men and women dedicated to empower knowledge and leadership for all young ladies around the world.

A-WOW Global Initiative (A-WOW) is an acculturated organization. We promote cultural and psychological change through the interactions between cultures. These cultural exchanges foster and promote education, leadership, and innovation while at the same time collectively tackling issues of illiteracy, poverty and teen pregnancy among the most vulnerable populations in Ghana, Nigeria, Liberia, Costa Rica and the United States.

As a non- governmental 501c3 and registered NGO, we aim to strengthen emerging leaders’ sense of self worth and self awareness, along with providing opportunities to; improve themselves, and develop innovative ways to support and give back to their communities. In short we help form sustainable contacts for promoting economic empowerment. We believe young adults need opportunities to express themselves in a world that makes them question who they are and what roles they should play as an adult.

We value:

  • Caring of self, neighbors and the environment.
  • Commitment to Service through volunteerism and community responsibility.
  • Ensuring Continuous Growth through ongoing education and exposure to opportunities.
  • Dignifying Women through continuous education, motivating forums and networking.

A-WOW Code of Ethics

A-WOW Child Protection

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